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Annual Memberships

The Foundry offers Annual Memberships for nonprofits seeking to utilize our space, amenities, and tap into the resources available within the Foundry Community. We provide two distinct Annual Membership options, both designed to meet the capacity needs of nonprofits, albeit in different formats.

The first Annual Membership option grants organizations access to our exclusive Intern Foundry (IF) Program. In partnership with the University Honors Program, our IF program pairs high-achieving students with project-based internships that address crucial areas of community need. Since its launch in 2022 with 10 students interning at 8 nonprofits, the IF program has experienced remarkable growth, expanding to 20 students interning at 20 nonprofits in 2023. Small nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations serve as ideal learning laboratories for students who are passionate about community work and are eager to contribute meaningfully. In the IF program, students are matched with organizations based on their skills and interests. These projects align with the organization's mission, tackle its most pressing needs, and provide one intern to work directly with the organization up to 10 hours per week over the course of a semester.

The second Annual Membership option grants organizations access to our AmeriCorps VISTA. Through a train-the-trainer model, this membership enables your organization to receive enhanced capacity by developing comprehensive timelines, toolboxes, and strategies that drive sustained growth and improvement, leveraging the expertise of AmeriCorps VISTA members. If your organization is ready to make a tangible difference, collaborate with inspiring organizations, and empower communities, this membership is tailored for you. It offers up to 40 hours of service time over the course of a year, allowing you to make a significant impact.

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