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Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is a way for new charitable initiatives to operate at a higher capacity by working with an experienced nonprofit organization. Fiscal sponsors extend their 501(c)3 status to a project that aligns with their mission to accept and restrict charitable donations for the project. A fiscal sponsor is responsible for ensuring the project fulfills its purpose and offers its services for an administrative cost.  A fiscal sponsor provides the legal framework and support for tax-deductible donations, so a project can better focus on its mission. Fiscal sponsorship is a great alternative to starting a new nonprofit or a stepping stool for a project that wishes to eventually apply for its own 501c3 status.

Why a Foundry Fiscal Sponsorship?

As a fiscal sponsor, the Foundry Community provides oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to Nebraska-based community projects that align with our mission. The Foundry Community has been operating as a fiscal sponsor since 2019 and currently sponsors six projects. Our fiscal sponsorship program works with mission-driven organizations, projects, causes, and collaborations to build infrastructure, set goals, and develop sustainable models. We partner with individuals or groups looking to advance their causes and uplift their communities to give them the tools and building blocks to run a nonprofit. The Foundry Community serves as a champion of your mission and works with you to elevate your project or nonprofit off with a strong start. Fiscal Sponsorship may be an option for you, even if you plan to eventually apply for your own 501(c)3 status.

Applying for Fiscal Sponsorship:

Interested in becoming a fiscally sponsred project? Please take a few minutes to fill out this interest form to get started. After completing this form we will be in touch to schedule a discovery meeting.

The Foundry Community's Fiscally Sponsored Projects:

Do More Good
With a headquarters in Lincoln, DMG is committed to elevating purpose driven businesses in Nebraska and beyond.

Imagine Omaha
Committed to breaking the wealth racial gap for the Black Community in Omaha.

Just Do Business
Created to assist minority owned businesses thrive in Lincoln and across the state.

Omaha Comedy Fest
Held to lift up the community with laughter and connection.

Nonprofit Young Professionals
Committed to connecting young nonprofit professionals in Lincoln with networking opportunities.

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