The Foundry is a place for socially minded businesses and people to gather and make a positive, everlasting impact on Lincoln.

This one-of-a-kind collaboration space blends the best of both worlds — innovation and purpose.


We are expanding to include more offices and private workstations for startups, businesses and nonprofits.

And, most excitingly, we are proud to announce the creation of a new premier coffee bar and gathering space on the ground floor where 100% of profits will support Lincoln-area causes and nonprofits.

You’ll find a whole lot of heart thriving between these four walls. The Foundry space is bursting at the seams with local nonprofit and for-profit talent dead set on making the world a better place. Come be a part of our family.


We know looks aren’t everything, but that didn’t stop us from getting all dolled up for you. Still there’s more than what meets the eye.


Get served all things The Foundry - from the local happenings to strides made right inside our walls.


Empowering nonprofits to do more good. It’s more than a physical space. It’s a support system. It’s a place where you can put your roots to build an unstoppable foundation to be more remarkable.


When 50 people laid their blankets in the grass for the first-ever Jazz in June concert in 1991, no one could have predicted that...

  • Hours of Operation
    Hours of Operation

    — 8am to 5pm, Weekdays.