Lay of the Land


The Foundry has a full-service coffee shop on first floor. We highly encourage you to get your team’s morning coffee there, as 100% of the profits go back into our community. We also offer carafes of coffee for $15, serving 12, that we can deliver right to your meeting. Just let the person know who helps book your meeting.



Guests are more than welcome to cater food and beverages for their event. If you need any suggestions, just let us know. We're happy to help. Our coffee shop does serve an array of bagels, pastries, and over lunchtime we have sandwiches. 



Parking is in University Square (entrance on 14th and P) or in Larson building (entrance on Q and 13th). Metered street parking available on P & 14th Street. 



How will you pay?

We will send you an online invoice to the person who books the meeting.

Name a host(ess) with the most(ess).

Especially if your group numbers more than 20, identify a host whose responsibility is to greet attendees at the door and show them the way to the meeting room.

Friends don't let friends use glitter.

Actually, we love glitter. But we love our carpet more. Please refrain from using any of the sparkly stuff.

Technical difficulties?

There usually are. And at the worst times. Please don't attempt to fix them yourself. We'll be there lickety-split to help you.