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Foundry Ambassador

Thanks so much for your interest in being a student ambassador for The Foundry!

What’s in it for you?

  • Foundry t-shirt
  • $25 gift card to The Foundry Coffee
  • Various other Foundry swag (mug, stickers, buttons)


Foundry Ambassador job description/expectations:

As a Foundry Ambassador it will be your job to promote The Foundry to UNL students, faculty and alumni.


Here’s what that means:


Social Media

  • Post on your personal social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) before and during Foundry events (we will let you know when they’re upcoming).
  • Promote The Foundry to your followers by posting statuses and/or photos of you in the space or wearing swag.



  • Host giveaways on campus with Foundry stickers, buttons, t-shirts, coffee (all provided)
  • Give Foundry swag to friends and peers who will wear it.


Word of Mouth

  • Whenever possible, spread the word about The Foundry to friends and peers.
  • Hand out promotional materials on campus.


Here are some questions folks might ask you, as well as how you can respond:


What is The Foundry?

The Foundry is a coworking and community space for nonprofits and social impact companies. It provides office space, meeting and conference rooms and resources for organizations making a positive impact on Lincoln.


So it’s not a coffee shop?

No, not exactly. The Foundry Coffee is only one component of the our brand, but it’s super important. The Foundry Coffee is located on the first floor of the coworking space. It serves coffee, tea, beer, wine and light food (soups, sandwiches, pastries, oatmeal, charcuterie boards). What makes The Foundry Coffee unique is that 100% of its net profits are donated to Lincoln-based nonprofits and initiatives. The founding members (we call them “Founders”) get to decide which organization receives those profits each quarter.


What makes The Foundry Coffee different from any other coffee joint?

The Foundry Coffee is a nonprofit retail store. That is, any net profits the shop receives are donated back to the community. Each quarter, founding members of The Foundry Coffee (we call them “Founders,” and you can find their names adorning the bricks on the shop’s walls) get together to decide which organization receives The Foundry Coffee’s quarterly profits. This type of fundraising is called a “giving circle” and it’s becoming increasingly popular in communities across the nation.

Additionally, all of The Foundry’s coffee is fair-trade and shade-grown, ensuring that we’re being kind to coffee farmers and kind to the earth.


When will The Foundry Coffee be open?

The Foundry Coffee will be open to the public in mid-November. Hours of operation will be 7:00AM-10:00PM Monday-Thursday. 7:00am-5:00PM Friday-Saturday. Look for special events on the weekends. Reservations can be made for organizational special events.