Foundry Story

There was a time not long ago that Lincoln’s nonprofit community operated without a focal point for collaboration, shared resources and education. For the past three years, the building at 211 N 14th Street has beautifully filled that void, giving many organizations a home to work and grow. Today it's known as The Foundry and there are so many exciting things on the horizon.

On the surface, a foundry doesn’t sound like much: “a place where iron casts are made,” according to Google. But when you look into the process of iron casting, a foundry becomes a place of design, precision, fortification and maturation. Scrap metal—copper, bronze, steel, aluminium, brass—are heated up in a furnace until they turn to liquid. The liquid metal is poured into casts—hollow molds of varying shapes and sizes. When the metal cools, it hardens and takes on the shape of the cast. This isn’t a terribly difficult process to understand, but it’s important to go through the steps. What foundry workers are doing in their factories—melting, molding, forming—is exactly what members are doing within our space. 

The Foundry is proud of our ability to incubate organizations into their next phase, and that much isn’t going to change. We’ve seen passionate people come to us with nothing but an idea—much like scrap metal—and go on to build a staff, develop programs and impact the world. They turned a half-baked idea into a full-blown reality; a pile of scrap metal into a beautiful cast of iron. We want to help others create their casts. We want to be the furnace to heat the metal; we want to help find—or build—the perfect mold; and we want to be there while it cools into the finished product.