Join our community of Founders forging the future and building Lincoln's home brick by brick for socially-minded businesses and people.

Industrial Maid - Air Filtration Experts

The Grumble Project - Theatre for Change

The Fritz Family

Make it a TenDot Day!

The GREAT life charters - Sailing Vacations BVI

Bob & Barbara Bartle

Embrace Your Butterflies - MBR

Jared Carlson

Lincoln Calling

Laura Uridil

Clint! & Kristin Runge

Making Lincoln Whole

Pam & Mitch Haas

Janell Walther & Bryan Seck

Dean & Karen Hawthorne

Take care of yourself. - Mom

Dustin, Cory, Saylor, Wyatt & Beckett Behrens

Janet Eskridge

Rich & Ginna Claussen

Lisa & Mick Hale

Live With Compassion -Rebecca S Wolf

Taylee & Jackson Decker

Cohagen Wilkinson

For Joan Hardy, who founded my future. MK

Tom and Candy Henning

Jim & Penny Krieger - Lincoln Builders

Ellen Wilkinson

Mueller Robak LLC

Stephen Griffith

Angels Theater Company

Cuca & Stephens - Love Coffee & LNK

Lucille Wilkinson - In Memoriam

Jena Lambert - Ruthi Thompson

Mark & Bailey Feit - For Lewie & Billy

Jana & Steve Miller & Family

John & Kris Bergmeyer

Forward in Faith - Helmbergers

Randy Hawthorne

Eakes Office Solutions

Marcee Metzger

Earl Wilkinson - In Memoriam

Lincoln Community Foundation

Ryan & Erin Dobesh

Charles Cohagen - In Memoriam

Mike & Susan Browne

Kyle & Zion, 2014 - Big and Little HBBBS

Jake Hoppe

Cindy Heider Kaliff - Career & Life Options & Boomer-ANG

Matt & Lee Nyberg

Servicemaster PBM - Supporting Community

Stu and Judi Rafos

Amy & Tim Clare Family

Sam & Melanie Nelson

Kalemkiarian Family

Max L. Rodenburg - Rembolt Ludtke LLP

Carl Eskridge

They taught us to give back - Dallas & Brenda Waggoner

Deb Van Horn Weber

Look for the helpers. - Mr. Rogers

Keith & Mallory Peterson

Josh & Trisha Berry

Mike & Sharon Milbourn

Lynn Wilkinson - In Memoriam

Rich Bailey

Swanson Russell

Graham Pansing Brooks

Randy & Jan Bretz - Together we can do much.

Amy & Curt

Be a Voter

Gil Wilkinson

Datasoft Solutions

Zac & Jess Rustad

Zelma Feather Cohagen - In Memoriam

IC Energy Solutions - LED Lighting Done Right

Don Wesely & Michele Peon Casanova

Janet Chung & Pat Raybould

Claire Wilkinson

Don & June Pederson

Julie Smith & John Walters

Richard & Bruce Claussen

Rhonda Seacrest

In Memory of Pat & Roland Hughes

Tom & Sue Tallman

Clover Frederick - On a Mission

Tawnya Starr

Jim & Meg Lauerman

TRACTION® TOOLS - Software for EOS®

Faith, Mason & Caden

Donna & Bob DiPaolo

The Nickolaus' - Rob, Melissa, Brynn

In honor of Dr. Tom Tonniges

Betsy Tonniges & Jesse Bergman - Chloe & Elise

Megan Elliott - Johnny Carson Center

Jay Wilkinson

Joe & Wendy Schuman

The Rasmussen Family

Andy & Sarah Robbins

Firespring Foundation

Chris, Lori & CJ Blum - Boy Scouts

J. & Bri Petersen

Kevin & Lori Thomas

Tim Burke

Frosty Critchfield

Union Bank & Trust

Priscilla Henkelmann - Sandy Grossbart

David Brown & Jenni Bruning Brown

Patty Pansing Brooks and Loel Brooks

John & Vicki Miles

Tate and AshLea Allberry

Ginny Wood - Calvin, Caleb & Olive Martin

Jeff & Sarah Peetz - Lincoln Strong